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GM Global MPV Spied

"General Motors tipped its hand about an upcoming seven-passenger MPV in the labor agreement it drew up with the United Auto Workers in 2007. Now the spy shooters of Brenda Priddy & Company have come across the first fruit of that agreement with these images of a new MPV mule out and testing.

The vehicle appears to be built on GM’s global Delta chassis, which is an excellent indication that the MPV will be offered in many markets, and under the umbrella of several of GM’s brands worldwide. Priddy expects that the vehicle will be built domestically at the Hamtramck, Michigan plant, though much of the R&D work was likely done at the facility in South Korea.

The new hauler will most likely end up in the hands of Chevrolet, with Opel and Daewoo also being logical recipients. Have a look at Priddy’s handiwork in our gallery below or click through the jump to read the spy shooter’s impressions of the new MPV."
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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