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The GMC Safari / Chevy Astro twins really have a lot going for them, historically. I bought a few vehicles for different needs over the years, but an Astro could have covered them all.

Take out the seats and its like a small pickup with a covered, air conditioned cargo area. Permanently attached camper tops on pickups can't also seat 8.

Wanna tow a lot? They can handle the job.

RWD :D with AWD optional for the snow country folks. They aren't FWD pullers.

Not a particularly thirsty V6 engine, but torquey

Not too big, like the Express, but not too small, like a minivan.

Put a bed in the back for a 'love machine'. :D

The cargo vans are infinitely configurable for what you want to do. You could even make a "show truck" out of one, as many have.

Problem with the Astro / Safari was that GM didn't invest enough in updating them as the years passed. Just let them go down the toilet, and although I know people with ancient Astros or Safaris they still maintain, the reliability record didn't improve like it should have over the years. :pain:

That's too bad, because aside from that, and small front passenger leg room, the Astro/Safari were great all around vehicles for any purpose, any time.
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