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If "design, use, and reliability" are the measure, I'd say the hands-down winner for me is my Winnebago...

...really, I mean it. It may be fine for camping, but I also frequently use it for more utilitarian purposes and for long family trips that have nothing to do with camping. It hauls tons of stuff, it's comfortable, and completely self-contained.

And, it's built on a Chevy truck platform, so it always starts the first time (of course ;)) and it's never left us stranded, (okay, we blew a tire once, but that doesn't count). :D

Since this is probably not the kind of answer you were looking for, I'll go ahead and cite the runner-up among cars I've owned that represent the best of "design, use, and reliability"...that would probably be my '96 Suburban 4x4, (I no longer have it).

It did develop a problem with the differential after only 40K miles, but Chevy fixed it for free even though it was out of warranty, and I never had any other problems. It was big, cleverly laid out so that I could configure it as needed, I towed all kinds of stuff with it, etc.

Once, I even used it to rescue another Suburban that was stuck in a pit. Pretty cool, huh. B)
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