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Well in retrospec( i dont even know what that means but it sounds cool)'s has too be the corvette..why?:

1. Has good power.

2. Survived 50 years through countless attacks by other car makers too stop its production.

3. Great performance in all areas.

4. Inexspensive for a performance car. 50 grand, its not 80 grand like the viper or 300 grand for a ferrari.

5. Great fuel economy for a performance car.

6. Gets better looknig every year.

7. Its American :rolleyes:.

8. Sells more then any other car in its class.

9. The electronics in it are insane.

10. It's a vette, what more can you say.

Oh yea and can you guys add that smiley that has it's hand in the air like he's at a rock concert and he's bobbing his head? that would be cool.
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