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Best in terms of what??

Every now and then for the past 50 years or so, GM has come up wih some really good cars.

- The original Saturn was very good for what it was.
- The 4th generation STS was the first car to win "Car of the Year" in every major magazine publication.
- The Corvette
- The Cadillac Sigmas seem to be reaping praises everywhere.
- The 9-3 Viggen
- Lets not forget the 80's/90's Le Sabre, which was the "quality benchmark" for GM for a time.
- Oldsmobile Aurora and Intrigue. Highly acclaimed vehicles that no one bought.
- The Chevy Suburban. 'Nuff said.

Then if you want to go further back, you've got the original El Dorado, the GTO, the 442, the 1st generation Seville.

But if you were not in the United States, I think the only car that would stand out.... without questions.... is the Corvette... hands down the best and most recognizable GM product (and arguably the only respected GM product) ever made.
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