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Originally posted by BBcamaroSS@Feb 15 2004, 07:54 PM
Well in retrospec( i dont even know what that means but it sounds cool)'s has too be the corvette..why?:

1. Has good power.

2. Survived 50 years through countless attacks by other car makers too stop its production.

3. Great performance in all areas.

4. Inexspensive for a performance car. 50 grand, its not 80 grand like the viper or 300 grand for a ferrari.

5. Great fuel economy for a performance car.

6. Gets better looknig every year.

7. Its American :rolleyes:.

8. Sells more then any other car in its class.

9. The electronics in it are insane.

10. It's a vette, what more can you say.

Oh yea and can you guys add that smiley that has it's hand in the air like he's at a rock concert and he's bobbing his head? that would be cool.
There's another GM vehicle that not only shares most of the accomplishments you list, but also helped to butter GM's bread during the last 10 or 15 years:

The Chevy Suburban

The Suburban has been around longer than the Corvette, and it has been SUV's--not relatively low-volume sports cars--that have kept GM competitive for the last couple of decades.

...of course, I don't know if that would make the Suburban the best GM car; I'm just trying to start an argument by suggesting that the Suburban kicks the Corvette's a**. :D
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