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BEIJING (Dow Jones)--General Motors Corp. (GM) will begin selling the hybrid LaCrosse in China before the Olympics, said Maryann Combs, president of GM's Pan-Asia Technical Center.

Production of the hybrid sedan will begin in China in late June and will go on sale in July, said Robert Socia, executive vice president of Shanghai General Motors.

Combs and Socia were speaking at a press conference before the 2008 auto show in Beijing.
BEIJING -(Dow Jones)- General Motors Corp. (GM) aims to increase sales by half a million units in the next three years in China, said Kevin Wale, president of GM in China.

GM sold over 1 million units in China in 2007.

"We aim to grow in line with the market," Wale said.
GM will continue to invest $1 billion a year in China in expanding operations, including in capacity expansion, distribution network and technology.

The U.S. automaker does not expect any major impact from the Chinese government's tightening monetary policy, Wale said.

China will be the world's largest auto market before 2020, Wale said.
Wale was speaking at a press conference before the 2008 auto show in Beijing.
What's this BS dorky vw commercial claiming that they are #1 in china? They must be talking about an individual brand because they only sold 900k last year.
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