GM's CEO and other top executives are hitting the ground this month to visit as many of GM's 30 US production facilities as possible in the next few weeks.

The tour will begin today, according to the Detroit Free Press, with a visit to the company's Lansing Delta Township plant. The plant will be visited by CEO Marry Barra and Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing Gerald Johnson.

According to a private Facebook post obtained by Freep, Barra and Johnson are going to "review our safety protocols and spend some time on the floor. As part of their visit, they are going to answer a few employee questions via video."

Barra and Johnson are expected to spend about two hours at the plant and they will submit themselves to the same protocols as the rest of the workers entering the plants.

"Our senior leaders visit our plants for a variety of reasons and these visits are focused on employee health and safety and our return to work protocols," said GM spokesman David Barnas told Freep.

Barra and Johnson will be joined by GM President Mark Reuss on future visits.

GM reopened its US production facilities this week and implemented safety measures to try to reduce the risk of infection in them.

Although the plants are reopening now without objections from the UAW, the union did express its concern about previously planned opening dates and delayed the reopening dates. Although cases continue to trend down, the US reported more than 23,000 new cases yesterday and spikes continue to occur.

GM said earlier this month that it was hoping to be fully operational again in mid-June, but that timeline was a best-case scenario.