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Badge engineering

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I just heard Laura Bush at rally in Florida say that back in '78, when George was campaigning for senate in Texas, they used to drive around in a "Chevy Cutlass". It may not have necessarily been a '78, more likely a '73-'77. From what she said, all I could tell is that it was a GM product. Anyhow, the Bushes have worked their way up the GM ladder and are now in Cadillacs.
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Are you referring to the Presidential limo? Last I heard, Dubya drives an F-150. Around his ranch at least.
Yeah, the limo. About the F-150, I do remember seeing some footage a few weeks ago where he got out of the truck with Vicente Fox and I think Laura Bush and Condaleeza Rice, I'm not positive of exactly whom. I didn't know what his personal transportion was...or even think of it.
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