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Too bad my Digi cam doesnt work anymore.

Its a 2 page add. It takes place in a desert and there is a road that crosses the 2 pages. Coming down the road is a Caprice cop car, and then there is a billboard with a GTO hidding behind it. I thought that it was hilarous! The GTO is black with all tint.
Good ad GM.

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Originally posted by 69nova@Jun 18 2004, 01:10 PM
I saw the ad and passed it up like it was for underwear.
Sorry, but GM is spending its money in the wrong places. HotRod is not the mag whose readers are going to buy the new GTO's. GM High Performance and the Pontiac are much better spots for the new look.
In fact, the GMHP mag should carry more articles on the newer cars.
Since we are talking about mags, I thought I saw an article on a 455 Pontiac motor rebuild titled "Junker to Thumper" in a mag now on the stands and the same article appeared in another car mag about 3-4 months ago. Since most of these mags (Hot Rod, Car Craft, etc....) are printed by the same company, they may be recycling the articles.
Im is advertising for a Muscle Car in a Muscle Car rag a bad idea?

I guess you also missed the 5 page GTO drifting article they did huh?
How about the new Mach1 build up they are doing?
Or the several LS1 builds ups they do?
How is GM wasiting money again? Oh, but Ford is putting it in the right place huh?
Again...Lose Lose situation for GM ONCE again.
A)dont advertise for the GTO
B)advertise for the GTO in an Muscle Car rag....

You would think that you could bank on B, but apparently not.
How about the twin turbo GTO they are going to build? Is that wrong for HR to do? Guess so since thoes people dont want a 350hp, 6spd, IRS sports coupe, but a Cobra build up would be dead on.

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Originally posted by 69nova@Jun 19 2004, 02:24 AM
Maybe my words were a little harsh.
I should have said that mags like GMHP and the Pontiac mag attract readers who are interested in the new GTO. It should be there, fender to fender, with the BMW's and new sports cars.
When I think of Hot Rod, I'm looking for older cars and rodded cars. The new GTO doesn't fit this mag.
Drifting and spinning one's tires in place to make smoke? Nope. Not inrterested one bit.
And I keep picking up the GMHP mag at the stands but many times lay it down because of the lack of articles on GM's new cars. And you'd think that the GM Performance Parts Company would be screaming for more coverage (There is a small blurb in the Car Craft mag about tuning a Cavalier and GM parts available).
I would guess that young kids on a tight budget would be pulled away from the Hondas and Mazdas if they could read articles on tuning GM cars such as the Cavalier.
If teh GTO doesnt fit this mag, neithre does the many articles on the fbodies they do, or the articles on the mustang, or efi, or gen III small blocks, modualr ford motors, etc etc. Yet I keep seeing more articles on modern cars and using modern stuff then making old cars from old parts.
Its always a muscle car of old, combined with a efi, or a 6spd with large tires, and the idea of also looking at handling as part of a cars make up.

GMHTP does a good job at the group of people that buy the mag. No one is begging or demanding more articles about Cavi's. I am kinda getting sick and tired of the standard LS1 articles, but Im glad to see more TPI/Third gen articles. They are finaly focusing on a high performance car for cheap. Teh LS1 cars parts are pretty expensive and arent so hands-on as much as the older forms of efi.

GMHTP does a lot of articles on GTP cars. They just had a great write up on how to make one run 11's. Im sure taht with time, the GTO will start to move onto the pages of GMHTP. As of right now, no one really has any parts done, but its getting bigger and bigger. So far, I have seen TT GTO's, Supercharged GTO, 455 (Gen III) GTO, along with the race GTO and drifiting GTO. Also, there are more and more parts coming out as time goes on. Its been some 5 months since its introduction, and now parts are coming from every direction.
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