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Crime fighters hold car raffle

A civic group is giving away a car as a fund-raiser for neighborhood watch clubs to support their crime-fighting efforts.

Vision Is Now, a group of citizens led by the Rev. Raymond Jones, has arranged to raffle a car to raise money in the fight against crime, specifically black-on-black crime.

The group will pay only the dealer's price of $10,000 for the car - a 2004 Chevrolet Aveo. McCluskey Chevrolet in Reading is providing the car.

"We do this with other charitable groups,'' said Mike Kelsey, president of McCluskey. "This is for a worthy cause, and we are glad to be involved.''

Jones said the money will go to Neighborhood Block Watch clubs to help pay for walkie talkies, gas and food.

"If these people are volunteering to put their lives on the line to help fight crime, they shouldn't have to dig in their pockets for money,'' Jones said.

He said the group is also having bumper stickers made to be distributed around town.

The car and stickers will be on display in Tower Place Mall, downtown. Tickets can be purchased in the mall office, at Walgreens stores and at Shell service stations in Over-the-Rhine and Walnut Hills.


Wow, at least a dealer somewhere has Aveos. Where I live the Astros, Blazers, and Cavaliers are still proudly on display...maybe a couple of new Malibus and Colorados -- no Aveos here. :rolleyes:
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