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Originally posted by member12@Dec 11 2003, 05:22 PM
They aren't going to get rid of the shift on the fly 4wd, are they? I prefer simplicity in my trucks.

What is the difference between the system used on the trailblazers and the sytem used on the silverado/avalanche? :huh:
No, there is still a standard 4WD mode. The selector goes 2WD, A4WD, 4WD, 4LO.
Autotrac's intent is that 2WD gas mileage is observed while retaining 4WD when needed.

Now, as to the different systems, I don't know. Autotrac is driven by a viscous coupling, so unless they've changed the fluid used, or somehow changed the design of the two clutch plates. From what I understand of fluid mechanics, it would stand to reason that a higher viscosity fluid would cause more shear to transfer between the two clutch plates with less slip. That said, I had inquired nearly a year ago with Amsoil if there was an option offered for Autotrac II fluid. I did this more or less to see what type of fluid this was as far as viscosity was concerned. At that time, they said that the Autotrac's fluid was some pretty special stuff, they had not developed an equivalent fluid, nor did they plan to in the future. I don't know, food fore though anyway. I wonder what makes it so special.
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