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My opinion on autotrac? Well i own a 2000 Gmc Sierra (2 inch torsion key lift, 3 inch blocks, 2 inch body lift 33inch BFG MT's) . Depending on what your truck will be used for is what decides if autotrac is good for you. i am on my 2nd T-Case and its apart right now due to a loss of 4wd in reverse ( its not a mechanical probelm but the sending unit which tells the encoder motor how much pressure to apply to the clutch plates). However my truck has traveled alot of tough roads ( Deep mud and snow, slippery clay steep hills) and it has taken its toll on the case, I have never used the "auto" mode on my t case. If things were bad enough i needed 4wd i would engage it. if i had the chance to re buy, a floor mounted shifter would be my choice. no encoder motor, 4wd buttons (just replaced, 160$ from GM), computers, clutchs, ect. But if the truck will be used as a grocery getter, i suppose an autotrac will be just fine
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