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AutoNews: Luxury champ BMW spent big on spiffs

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AutoNews: Luxury champ BMW spent big on spiffs

Automotive News- Monday, January 12th, 2015. By Vince Bond, Jr.

In a year in which BMW reclaimed the U.S. luxury sales title from Mercedes-Benz, BMW hiked incentives and outspent its top rival by more than $670 per vehicle.

Mercedes also increased incentive spending last year, though not as much as BMW, on the way to posting record U.S. sales.

BMW "did spend quite a bit of money in incentives late in the year. It seems like that extra boost of incentive spending in December gave them the additional units to pass Benz," said Jesse Toprak, chief analyst for

BMW's average incentive spending per sale rose $1,198 (32 percent) in 2014 to $4,910, according to Autodata, while incentives for Mercedes, excluding Sprinter, rose $433 (11 percent) to $4,237.
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Article said:
When asked about Audi passing Cadillac, Keogh said, "We have our plan, we're executing our plan and what I want to do is focus on a smart business model that allows Audi to grow and makes our dealers profitable. The rest of the stuff is chatter. You have to focus on your plan and that's what we're doing."
Great answer.

I would hate to see what a GM or Cadillac executive would have said if it were the other way around...
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