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Automobile magazine compares camaro ss to new mustang that's all of 72 lbs lighter!

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Where are all the mustang guys who whined ad nauseam about how heavy the 5th camaro ss was compared to the ford gt now?

Seems like car to car the mustang gt is all of 72 lbs lighter in its latest generation...

I never thought it mattered much either way but man did those mustang guys go nuts with the overweight pig slurs....

72 pounds is the difference in this latest generation..

Is weight not a big deal any more? Now that your beloved mustang weighs about the same?

I dig the new mustang gt....just wonder how the crow tastes.... (Kidding)
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Can you tell me which car was faster, the 68 428 Mustang or the 68 396 Camaro? I know, and realistically we both do, it's the Mustang.
How quick are these two cars, in your opinion?
Nothing short of the hand of God himself will make the new Camaro 1/10th as cool or as good looking as the 69 SS, it just doesn't have it in it. And that boys and girls, is the problem.
The same could be said about a Jeep TJ not being as cool as a Commando, a new Malibu not being as cool as a Nomad, and a Ford GT not being as cool as a GT40. If "cool" is the measuring stick, everyone might as well close up shop and quit making cars.

Old cars just have more appeal. That doesn't make the new Mustang or Camaro any less of a pony car.
all three current ponycar offerings combined wouldn't make a good sales year for most years of classic Mustang or Camaro.
There are also far more cars for a buyer to choose from, and the Mustang and Camaro still top the sporty car sales charts.

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1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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