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I'm starting to think that aluminum intensive construction, and possibly even turning the Mustang into a brand within a brand offering a couple to a few different cars, might really be the answer for Ford. As for the latter I think this is a future that may make sense for the Corvette as well, but I'm not sure Camaro fits a multi-car line strategy as well.
Variants really are the best way to go, like saying corvette or Mustang be a brand, where are you going to get the dealer network? the separate business infrastructure to support the new brand?
Unfortunately, this isn't really that much fun anymore, it's just plain sad. To put it bluntly, compared to what they ought to be, both cars suck.....out loud. There is a reason both companies would be thrilled with any domestic sales year that tops 100k units and it isn't because the market evolved away from cars like's because the cars evolved away from the market. Make no mistake, the Camaro and Mustang are our Commodore and Falcon, and I fear we'll find the most hardcore of the faithful on both sides continuing to cheer on their respective make as they each devolve these cars into something completely unsellable in almost any market over the next several years.....just like the Commodore and Falcon.
The camaro has moved from sucks to Exellent. The Engineering effort put in to make it what it is, is just beyond believe. There is great engineering bwoys over in the Camaro team. This particular Camaro will take all non M BMW's down, and it does not even claim to be the ultimate driving machine... That is incredible.

Chevrolet needs to start getting credit for their effort. What they have done has began to earn them respect around the world.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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