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I think we all have certain curb weights to performance vehicles based on what we read and our own personal automotive experiences. When judging the 5th Gen Camaro from my ownership of 4th Gen F-bodies I felt the car was a lot heavier than it should be. However the industry has changed and the 5th Gen for example is a truly modern vehicle from all aspects over the 4th Gens and while 3350-3600 kinda fits the idea of what a 2+2 pony car weight should be but that's changed. We are asking a lot more of our cars today and want our cake for a good price and want to eat it right now. Modern stiff structures, safety features, crash worthiness and interiors done in nice materials add a lot of weight from the muscle car era and the 80-90's rebirth of the performance pony cars.

Unless we see a shift in vehicle construction like Ford has done with the aluminum 2015 F-150 it's going to be a battle against the heft. Although I am encouraged at the lowering costs of lighter high strength steel and some carbon fiber applications that may be able to make their way into pony car price points in a few years. Maybe Gen 7...
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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