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Base V8 coupes with manual transmissions are 3705 –vs- 3908. That’s a 203 lb delta. The article even mentioned they compared a premium GT which weighs more. So as a Ford fan, I see no crow to be eaten. What I do see, is an opportunity for the Mustang to be quicker yet, if someone would apply an apples to apples comparison.
Define apples-to-apples, in this case.

First of all, the 2SS only weighs about 30lbs more than the 1SS, so 'loaded' vs 'not loaded' won't make too much of a difference in model weights. The 1LE is around 3860lbs as well. Cost, yes, that would be much closer, but removing the performance pack options from these two cars, $6k is a significant difference. The same style of upgrades were performed on each car (springs, sway bars, monotube shocks, advanced cooling, etc), but it seems as though GM did a much better job of selecting parts and specs, as the 1LE package is a significant upgrade over the regular SS, where the FRPP is a decent upgrade over the regular GT.

Second, the base weight doesn't include the optional performance equipment, like the larger brakes, heavier shocks, heavier sway bar, strut bar, added coolers, etc. 100lbs isn't going to net the Mustang 1.5 seconds on a 1:23 lap. Similar tires will help (this is a 'track package', after all). This definitely leaves room for a 'BOSS' model, but it will have to be much, much faster than a stock GT to justify the price difference to a 1LE.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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