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Automatic Locks '00 Grand Am

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i have a 2000 Grang Am GT coupe. i took it to get inspected about a month ago. since then there are 2 things not working properly.

1. when i take it out of park, the doors will not lock. when i put in park and tunr the car off, they will not unlock. i read the manual and it says to hold the lock button down until you here chimes, but i dont get diddly squat. no chimes at all

2. my gauges dont do their self-test thing when i turn the car on. for instance the speedo should go from 0 to 150 and back to 0 again. doesnt do that anymore.

I tried disconnecting the battery for a while to see if that would reset something somewhere, but to no avail. i dont know if they are any fuses or something that controls these things. any help would be appreciated.
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