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As any veteran chess player knows, "King's Gambit" is a classic move made to protect your center. Nothing charismatic, nothing adventurous…pure nuts-and-bolts practicality. And though running one of the largest corporations in the world is a little different than the chess board, in essence the moves you make have the same objective: to protect the center. And lately, that's a potion of what's been going on at General Motors. With major executive moves paired with product innovations and North American sales slipping to mid-90s numbers, perhaps it's more appropriate in this case to change our title here to "Wagoner's Gambit."

This week an Autoline exclusive--John McElroy goes head-to-head with the King -- in chess terms -- of General Motors, Rick Wagoner. The Chairman and CEO of arguably the world's largest car company sat down with John this week at GM's Global Headquarters in downtown Detroit to discuss everything from personnel shifts to new product to the uncertain economy.

Join John as he angles to discover the next "moves" Rick Wagoner plans to make as he continues to protect "his center" -- General Motors.
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