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The Cobalt SS is just close enough to keep up? By the end of this year, the 3 fastest factory sport compacts will be the SRT4, Cobalt SS and Ion RL. Ford dropped out of the SVT race. There is nothing out there that can touch the SRT4's performance per dollar. Ive seen stock SRT4's blow away Mustang GT's, WRX's, not to mention the modded SRT4's building the street rep. the SRT4 is the GTO of the sport compact era. Its the first true hi-po performance car from the factory. It takes a simple, plain, basic Neon, adds a scoop, wing and some badges along with a hi-po motor and wham, you have the start of the SC generation.
The Cobalt SS will be far from lagging behind. Supercharged, all forged (read: unbreakable) engine along with brakes and handling... this could be the best all around SC car to date.
Im glad that Dodge and GM are stepping up the the plate. I wish Pontiac had a Delta hatch to get into the game. I think they could really have a true hit if they had an agressive Vibe like hatch with a turbo 2.2. I think that Honda, Toyota, and the others are missing out on a group that is/was very dedicated to them, to the new American compacts. As the rest of them start making more appliance cars then exciting cars, they will keep losing more of the young fans that have made them into what they are today.
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