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I agree that if anyone should have a foothold in this market, it should be Pontiac. I find it incredibly inept of GM to not have a decent tuner model to offer this year with the Cobalt. I think that the real story of indifference that will effect this market is how honda has acted towards the tuner community. They continue to wratchet the price of thier tuner model, the civic, out of the price range of it's core audience. They are said to be introducing a new model that is more compact and cheaper than the current civic, but these people have gotten used to teh civic, and to force them to buy a lesser car makes it seem like they are no longer good enough to buy the car they were able to 5 years ago.

I think that GM needs to get it's butt in gear and supply Pontiac with a entry-level car suitable to tuners. Give it a turbo upgrade package, as superchargers are great if you want to code the warranty clerk DNA into the engine design, but turbochargers are easier to wring more boost from, thus more power.

GM- No one cares about superchargers on Sport Compacts!!! SUperchargers are for larger V6's and V8's, which need the extra low end grunt to get the larger cars they sit in moving. A tuner would rather have a engine that they can wring the piss out of and listen to a blow off valve every time they shift. The mechanical link that the warranty department loves about superchargers are also the reason that tuners hate them. They rod a portion of the horsepower they make, and the decreased mechanical efficiency does little to help smaller engines at high RPM. Especially with a damn Roots blower, come on GM...
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