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Ford of Europe/EU have approved the Ranger as being acceptable standard for selling in the EU, rust bucket Rangers are an acceptable EU Standard.

US build quality in trucks is much much higher with maybe the exception of Toyota in the US they are rust buckets just like the EU Ranger. Nothing at all wrong with the F-150 they are well put together of a very high standard, not a rust bucket like the EU Ranger that is a rock bottom complete rust bucket in under a year.
EU Approved? First, Ford or the European publications don't refer to the Ranger as a European vehicle.
Did you ever consider the "US Approved" GMDAT Chevy Aveo an American car and a representative of American GM products?

The new high-trim F-150 would also be a much more expensive vehicle for Europeans (premium vehicle). The Ranger is obviously a much lower priced vehicle, so standards are not the same.

I don't know about that Ranger you saw, but here, around the Asia-Pacific region the Thai-made Ford Rangers are popular and a lot of them are still in good condition.
Its pue BS to call all of them rust-buckets based on that one sample you saw.
They are known for being tough trucks specially the class-leading T6 Ranger developed by Ford Australia (old ones were co-developed by Mazda), and so far it has been one of the few pickups to threaten Toyota's Hilux.
The next gen Toyota Hilux is being benchmarked against the T6 Ranger and VW Amarok.

I've seen a Camaro, Mustang and Silverado from the late 90s/early-2000s in bad-shape, should these poorly maintained vehicles represent all American products?


That's the reason I usually don't read those superb European reviews of superb European products. Never sat in new Ranger nor in F150 but one comparison of the interior pictures tells me the Ranger's interior comes from the 90's. Are the ****pits of European cars/trucks from the 90's better than American modern ones? Maybe the local press thinks so, I don't.
Most of the European reviews that talk about interior quality, most of the time they just mean tighter gaps and softer touch materials. The Global T6 Ranger is not a European product.
I was impressed by the new global Ranger because of it being a solid truck, not because of how soft or hard the dashboard was, most people who buy these trucks don't really care about crap like that anyway.
90's Interior?
Here's the (supposedly 90s-looking) interior of the Global T6 Ranger which was unveiled 4 years ago at the 2010 Australian International Motor Show.

It's expected to be updated next year during its mid-cycle refresh.

The Ranger's interior might not be class-leading, but it's fairly modern. What makes the Ranger work is if you look at the whole package, i'm sure its the same thing with the new F-150.
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