Maybe it's because Australia keeps trying so very hard to kill its people (venomous animals, overwhelming heat, miles and miles of bush, buff kangaroos, etc) that the country's car culture is so very interesting. After all, it was the post-war crowd that really helped hot rodding kick off.

Whatever the case, it seems that you can take the Australian out of Australia, but you can't take the 'Straya out of an Australian.

Last week, Jalopnik discovered that the Australian consul has been driving around the States with one of the finest vehicles in recent memory, the Aussie-made Chevy SS.

Basically a Holden Commodore SS-V-moment of silence, please-the SS is a 415 hp, rear-wheel-drive celebration of tire smoke and oversteer.

Well, since first posting about the cars, the Bruces and Sheilas over at Jalopnik got an email from Nick Minchin, former Australian Consul-General in New York, who says he was the one who picked the car.

"When I arrived in New York to take up my position I was very disappointed to find that the official car for the Consul-General was a BMW 7 series," wrote Minchin in an email to Jalopnik. And who among us wouldn't be?

He added that the Australian government has a policy of picking Australian-made cars wherever possible. Being a fan of Holden, Minchin replaced the Bavarian car with the Chevy SS.

"My driver Ricardo loved it, as did I on my many private driving trips in the US," said Minchin.

We can only hope that diplomatic immunity extends to traffic infractions.

[source: Jalopnik]