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For that small contingent of die-hard butanol fans. Note that this is not for vehicle fuel. Rather, they are working on replacing petroleum in chemical manufacturing.

Science to refine a cleaner chemical future

The University of Queensland, the Australian sugar industry and a Korean research force have teamed up with the goal of "greening" the global chemical industry.

The new Korea-Australia Bio-Product Alliance will aim to assist the $1.5 trillion chemical industry to switch its dependence from fossil fuels to renewable biomass.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh clinched the $5.4 million partnership last month by committing $1.4 million from the National and International Research Alliances Program.

With a specific focus on sugarcane as the raw material for biorefineries (which feed on renewable biomass instead of fossil fuels), it is the world's first alliance to target development of sucrose-based biorefinery technology.

UQ Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Greenfield said the technical goal includes technology to produce cost-effective, sustainable butanol for chemical manufacturing.
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