The death of Holden has left Australians unsure as to how exactly GM vehicles will be sold, if at all. But there's good news for those wallaby-loving fans of tire smoke, the C8 Corvette will be sold in Australia.

Although Holden had confirmed that the C8 would be making its way down under, GM's decision to kill the brand left some questions to be answered. But Australia's Cars Guide reports that the C8 will be sold in the market under the "GMSV" brand.

GMSV, for those who don't speak Australian, is short for General Motors Specialty Vehicles, which is an American adaptation of an Australian word: HSV or Holden Special Vehicles. That brand was for Holden's most exciting vehicles and, indeed, GMSV will start with the Corvette and the Silverado, which will be the pillars of the new brand's strategy.

Which other models will be sold as GMSVs remains to be seen, but Australians can at least rest easy knowing that the right-hand-drive won't skip them.