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Audio interview with Jan Ake Jonsson, Managing Director of Saab Worldwide

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Saab fans may find this interesting...

During the press days of the New York Auto Show, I had the opportunity on 03.19.2008 to interview Jan Ake Jonsson, the Managing Director of Saab worldwide.

Mr. Jonsson was both candid and thoughtful in his comments about Saab, Saab's recent missteps in the American market, and the new models that Saab will produce in the future.

The audio clip is approximately 14 minutes.
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You know? I was thinking about Saab today, when I saw a new 9-5 roll past me on the highway today.
If GM had actually kept the 9-5 up to par with the rest of the world, the 9-5 would actually be at 400HP .... not 260HP ....

So the guy actually Saab has been mismanaged and "gotten away from what the core was" and what stood for... and that Saab had stood for unique, modern, progressive designs and to be just a little bit different and focusing on the driver. As well as delivering "responsible performance," which they had gotten away from.

I have to agree... Saab has gotten away from all of it -- across the board. 9-3 is really a *******ized version of a Saab.

I still believe GM needs to jettison Saab. I just don't believe GM has the capability to give Saab exactly what it needs to survive. The ideas seem to be there. I think the execution will ultimately fail.

And that's just a shame.
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