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audi a4 spy shots

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This autumn Audi will release the new Audi A4, which has been given a major facelift. These photos are showing for the first time prototypes of the new sedan and station wagon with Audi's new front grille during road tests in the south of Europe.
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That is a low rez pic. It dosnt really show all nessesary detail for me to judge it's styling.

However from what I see so far, I dont like the styling.
looks like all the Audi's are getting the large grill, which IMO looks horrible.
Headlights look very Asian if you ask me. More Acura then Audi. The rest of the body looks the same.
Anyone else see a little RX-8 in that front end?
The new audi nose is ugly. This is yet another ugly example of it. :plasma:
oooo, it's an Audi. It's from Europe.

People will buy it.

It's good to see Audi and BMW go off on the styling deep end. The new A6 and A4 grills look like a modern interpretation of the Edsel. The new BMWs are just ugly. The Z4, 7, 5, and 1 series are all just odd. Stlying is subjective, but I doubt history will be kind to these new Audis and BMWs.

Here's some proof the new BMW styling is turning people off. Click here.

i don't mind the new audi grilles, although i don't find them as nice as the current or older designs. i really kinda liked the newer bmw's when they first came out, but i'm actually growing more tired of's like the designs are growing tired or old already, even though they're too modern for their own good, which is odd.

also, i wouldn't say audi has gone off the stylying "deep end". the only thing a bit less attractive is the nose and i really don't think most people who buy them will mind very much, besides they are still the king of interior design and execution. bmw on the other hand...they may very well have gone off the deep end, and i-drive and exterior design are the sandbags tied to their ankles.
That large grill looks terrible :flush:

VW/Audi styling is sooooooooo boring.
Originally posted by usa1@Jul 7 2004, 07:24 PM
Here's some proof the new BMW styling is turning people off. Click here.

Here's better proof:

DON"T SIGN Smaart Aas Saabr's Petition. Why help BMW?

Bangle has been stopped. He was moved to a higher position to where he no longer has total control over design.

I like most of the new BMW designs, What I thought was hilarous is that Car and Driver compared the new 6 series to the last 2 gens of Camaro in size and design. They called it the Best Camaro BWM ever built.
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Here's some proof the new BMW styling is turning people off.  Click here.

Here's better proof: [/b][/quote]
as long as it drives people away from BMW i think its a good thing for caddy and other companies :rudolph:
Sure beats anything Cadillac makes. None of their front ends are even ugly. They are worse!
While Audi's new corporate grill isn't exactly to my liking, you have to look at it up-close before making a judgement. I felt that way about the LaCrosse, but when I saw it in person at the auto show it looks much better. Heck, VW's new LONG FACE corporate grill looks much better IMHO. Well, it looks like I'll have to wait to see this "new" A4 in person before I make a decision.
I like the Nuvolari styling. It is very classy, and it is much better than the BMW 3-Series and 5er....
To stand by any that said the Audi looks good I have to add my 2 cents.

The grill is a big change and I agree it is taking me some time to get used to.


The A4 and S4 in all other design and details and performance are Excellent and can only be compared with similiar vehicles like BMW. When Audi does top end like the A8L it is in a league with not only BMW but Mercedes. Yes, I dare say Mercedes.

So, if the grill has strayed from the norm and we have gotten complacent - "so be it".

It will be interesting to see the effect on sales. Since Audi has been doing pretty well these last 5 years this will cause a upturn or downturn and if a downturn will probably be temporary (though I highly doubt any down turn, especially with what its competition is bringing to the table).
I have only seen the new Audis with Euro license plates on them

I have not seen it with a US plate or no plate at all. I wonder if that will make a difference.

I don't really mind the big grille. But I think Audi is taking a gamble putting it on all their cars before its established to be good/bad.

Like BMW's risk, which did NOT pay off.
It looks like crap in pictures, but in person, it's a damn impressive design (at least on the A8 and A6). The same seems to hold true with the newer BMW 5-series, although the 3-series still looks crappy. I haven't seen any of the new 7-series on the road yet.. hell, I've only ever seen two or three of them on the road ever.

It's too bad that Audi reliability has dropped so much lately. For all the electrical problems I had with my '89 Audi, the build quality and drivetrain were still a far sight better than anything else of that age that I've had experience with. Unfortunately, I doubt that when 2019 rolls around, any 2004 Audi is going to have that same level of quality.
Going off what I see...

This car doesn't LOOK like anything Caddy or Buick hasn't already produced...

I'm not an Audi fan though :kama:
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