Along with the all-new Yukons, GMC has revealed more entries in the AT4 lineup. GMC's premium off-road nameplate is now on double the vehicles it was a week ago, and on all but one of the company's vehicles.

AT4, which GMC says doesn't actually mean anything in particular as initials, is the company's line of offerings for drivers who want luxury without showiness combined with a touch more off-road and rough-road capability. Think the driver who wants a Denali but needs to take it places you wouldn't want to take a truck on 20-inch chrome wheels. Or who finds the Denali a bit too showy for the worksite (or office) parking lot but still wants to be comfortable.

It started last year with AT4 versions of the Sierra and Sierra HD. The Sierra got a two-inch lift, Rancho shocks, and skid plates, as well as the MultiPro tailgate. HD models got off-road suspension tuning, skid plates, the shocks, and the tailgate. Acadia AT4 was launched in the middle of last year, and it got all-terrain tires and a twin-clutch all-wheel drive system.

The Canyon AT4 was announced earlier this week, and it gets off-road suspension tuning, a locking rear differential, and 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac rubber.

Now, GMC is completing the lineup with AT4 versions of the Terrain and the all-new Yukon.

They're not saying much about the Terrain version, other than showing it in photos. It looks to have a new grille and black wheels with some black cladding and trim. Expect it to get some interior upgrades that take it to near-Denali levels. GMC's just saying it has "a rugged exterior, confident capability and advanced technology."

The Yukon AT4 gets a new dark chrome grille and gloss black front bumper. There's also a skid plate underneath for protection. More useful off-road, the air suspension can climb 2.0-inches to allow for more ground clearance, and there's a new active 4WD system that can send torque to the wheels with grip. It will also get a head-up display and a series of cameras including a birds-eye view for navigating tight trails and avoiding obstacles. Like getting the Yukon XL into and out of a parking space at the Piggly Wiggly or showing you that the grinding noise you heard was an errant parking bollard trapped under your wheels and not a cyclist.

The Yukon AT4 is set to arrive in the summer with the Terrain in the fall. That leaves just one GMC vehicle without an AT4 trim level. The Savana. What gives, GMC? Where's our luxury off-road van?