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Are you in the auto business?

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It would be interesting to see where people are coming from in this forum.
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Just a general car enthusiast. Hope to get into racing or mechanics some day though. :)
I don't work for GM, wish I did, I just change tires for a job (but I get to test drive the cars ;) ). Then when I come home I sometimes help my Dad in his shop restoring or fixing cars, if I'm not doing that I'm reading up on Pontiacs and/or GMI :lol:
I work in the industry, but not with an OEM; I have to leave it at that. I'm not a GM fan...but a car enthusiast.
Hmmm, interesting results. I expected a lot more GM employees. I'm surprised no one picked the "slammming GM" option, what with the trolls that this forum gets.
gm enthusiast them chevy's and pontiac's
Just a GM fan. A friend's father owned a Pontiac/Buick/Olds/GMC dealership in the 70s/80s, so I got to ride in a lot of demos growing up in Indiana, sigh.....
Another GM "Pro" person!

Go GM, to heck with our money going to the foreign countries that don't support the good old U.S.A.!!!
I'm proud to sell Chevies, and as long as I'm selling, it'll be GM.

I've seen quite a few so-called hotshots, who thought they were good because they could sit around on import lots and just fill out orders, and they haven't been able to cut it with the huge product lineup and frequent marketplace questions. On Chevy lots, we work for a living.

I've been in the business for almost four years now, and the personnel with whom I've worked have never fit any kind of "car salesman" stereotype. I've worked with idiots and oaves, but the people that have lasted have been the quality sales professionals that reward the customers who seek them out.

My message remains: GM makes some of the best vehicles you can get; and include finding a quality professional as part of your shopping and buying process.

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Although I am not employed by GM however we do supply a service right here inside GM so I voted "supplier". It's our company that has a contract with GM and us workers with GM and the same union local. It is however nice to see the new vehicles before they hit the lots and a bonus to see next years pilot vehicles when they test them down the line. ;)
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