We all know GM never really wanted to kill off Pontiac, the government forcing the Generals hand as a condition of TARP.

But now 8 years removed from the Global Financial Crisis with General Motors finally regaining some of its lost luster the company is looking to bring back a long time fan favorite: The Pontiac Division.

The death of Pontiac has always been a sour spot for the most die-hard GM enthusiasts, and as it turns out executives within the company.

Pontiac is now being considered as a specialty performance brand/engineering homeroom for the quirky, niche products GM either tries to shoe horn into it's portfolio of other brands- or shelves all together. Mark Reuss told GMI that he's "fed up with having his hands tied" when it comes to product development.

Reuss went on to rail "Where are the sport compacts, the hot hatches, the roadsters- I want to build value-packed performance vehicles for the masses"

Which we're pleased to reveal, they will:

First on the docket is a Porsche Macan type SUV to be built on the Alpha platform. It's believed that both Opel and Holden are likely to receive such a vehicle as well. Sources inside the company tell us to expect it to debut with the twin-turbo V6 that just hit the market under the Cadillac CT6's hood- we were also told it would be joined eventually by a similar version of the 2.0T Camaro just got.

This will be the only performance oriented SUV from a mainstream brand- a major win for the company. It's thought that Pontiac could resurrect the Aztek name due in part to it's popularity with the Millennial market.

Complimenting GM's first performance oriented SUV since the Trailblazer SS will be a small RWD coupe which evolved from the Code 130R pet project. Dubbed the Fiero we were told the little Pontiac will debut with a choice of turbo fours: a 1.4T making 150 hp and the aforementioned 2.0T from the Camaro de-tuned to 250 hp while keeping the same 295 lb-ft of torque.

The platform will then spread throughout the GM portfolio, it's believed Cadillac will use the platform to underpin a small roadster and Opel will get it's wish for a modern day GT.

The third component to Pontiac's rebirth is arguably the most important. Pontiac will spearhead development of a new RWD sedan which will replace the aging Chevrolet Caprice PPV and the Holden Commodore.

Based on Alpha, it will mark the return of the Grand Prix name. GM will offer the sedan with the full gamut of engine choices- 2.0T, 3.0TT and the mac daddy 6.2L V8.

This will also serve as the death of the Chevy SS, although only in name. The real win for this project comes from placating the angry Holden enthusiasts who are abandoning the brand in droves at the thought of a FWD-based Commodore replacement. Holden CEO Mark Bernhard telling GMI "lawd Jesus it's a Miracle."

Sources intimate with the projected plans are telling us to expect both the SUV and the sedan to debut production ready at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show and on the market this time next year. The coupe is expected to follow later in the year making it's debut at the LA Show in November 2017.