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Anyone here planning on buying during the Employee Pricing campaign?

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Now that GM has announced Employee Pricing For Everyone, has anyone decided that now is the time to pull the trigger? If so, let us know what you're planning on buying!
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I cant believe this new marketing scheme is fooling everyone! The GM Employee for Everyone price has been here for over a month, with bigger incentives than now, the option to lease, an average of $1000 more rebates, 0% financing, etc., and everyone is just now realizing this. I dont understand!
What nonsense are you talking? Employee pricing for everyone has not been out for a month! While you are right on that incentives were better, in some cases this is a better deal. But the best part about it, nobody was coming to showrooms with 0% and $6,000 in rebates, but Employee Discount will have perceived value and showrooms will be full just like last time!
Sorry, I'm not speaking "nonsense". The "GM Employee Price For Friends" program came out on 7/24/08, check my post back then if you want, where a GM Employee could give you the #. All they are doing is selling it better than they did last month, this is a desparate measure by GM, and all they are doing is pi//ing off GM Employees. And yes, the incentives were much better.

I will disagree with you that the showrooms are fuller now than then, trust me, they are not.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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