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Anyone here planning on buying during the Employee Pricing campaign?

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Now that GM has announced Employee Pricing For Everyone, has anyone decided that now is the time to pull the trigger? If so, let us know what you're planning on buying!
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After seeing so many of these deals come along, its hard to find the same sense of gotta-buy urgency there was when the Employee Pricing thing was new, then replaced by "value pricing" - then here again - then a Red Tag sale.....anyway, the kind of car I'd want from GM -- a 4-cyl. van not unlike the Mazda5 -- is not here yet.

I might check out a 4-door, 4-cyl. GMC Canyon just to see how it prices out, though.
That's my problem too... I looked over GM's entire lineup, and I can't find a single vehicle I would want to own, even at a huge discount. Maybe an STS-V, but I haven't seen one of those on lots in years.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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