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Any other Aussies here

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I was just curious how many Australians there were hanging out on this board.

I drive a 2002 VXII Calais 5.7L V8. I see lots of discussion about the future of GM here and it sounds like what we heard about 15 years ago here in Aus, before Holden really turned things around.

It seems like you guys like the GTO, but how many of my American friends here really know what we drive in Australia. You're clearly interested, but I see little discussion about Aussie cars here. Is there a general lack of interest, have Americans lost a taste for exciting cars that can be driven every day, or is it really true what they say about Americans (and what do they say...???)

Set me straight guys - this could be fun!

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Most Australians frequent and make comment on our Australian Board:

I visit the US boards for interest and to see any latest trends and if I can contribute any experiences that may be of interest.

When you were a kid, did you ever go looking for yabbies?

I grew up in Missouri, and we didn't call them yabbies, but I went looking for them all the time.

Once I learned the vernacular, though, I have always felt that the name "yabbies" described them perfectly.

And for the record, I -adore- yabbies, especially the blue ones you guys have. And not to eat.

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