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Any American Audio Brands?

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I know nothing about car audio, but I need to get some stuff done to the lady's car. Because I am a fierce supporter of my fellow American brothers and sisters, and I want to keep my money here rather than some other country, I want to buy product that's made in America and owned by an American company. I know it may not be the "very best" in car audio, but we don't need the very best, just something that works.

I know that the following brands are not American, but I don't know about the rest out there:


Can you guys please tell me which brands out there are American? Thanks for your time.
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Mark Levinson is American, I believe.
Edit: Come to think of it, almost every high-end audio maker is American.
Thanks guys! I'm happy now. I was having so many issues trying to find something. Clarion, however is Japanese.
What's ironic about this is that all the Amercian brands suggested are top-shelf stuff used by premium brands (Benz, BMW, Lexus). So its win-win for you.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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