GM seems to be having fun developing new driving modes. The company has filed trademarks with the USPTO for an "Extract Mode."

First discovered by, the trademark will be used to refer to a "electronic suspension control system for motor land vehicles." With GM already on the drive mode train with the Hummer-think Crab Mode-suspicion that this might be another special mode for the hummer has been rampant.

The name suggests that the mode will be useful to extracting a vehicle once it becomes stuck-whether the Hummer or another vehicle is stuck remains to be seen. While ride height and power distribution could be useful things to alter in a towing situation, the "electronic suspension control" portion of the trademark remind us of one vehicle in particular. The Mercedes-Benz GLE has Free Driving Assist, better known as Bounce Mode.

The mode uses the vehicle's active suspension to bounce the car up and down. This is useful in sandy situations to help weight the wheels and let them claw out of slippery surfaces. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little while before we learn exactly what GMC is planning.

The Hummer will be revealed on Tuesday night at 8 PM during game 1 of the World Series or the Voice, depending on what channel you want to watch. If neither interests you, you can just watch the reveal happen on YouTube.