Plaintiff lawyers saw their second bellwether case dismissed after the first one ended in tears.

Plaintiff Dionne Spain is suing over a crash in 2014 which saw her 2007 Saturn Sky spin on black ice and sideswiped the guard rail on a New Orleans bridge. The car was only damaged cosmetically and she drove away.

However, she and the passenger at the time are seeing damages for injuries and GM's failure to notify about potential ignition defects.

Unfortunately for the pair Judge Jesse Furman rejected their claims, except for one. The scope of the suit has been limited to whether GM engaged in fraudulent behavior by not disclosing the defect sooner.

According to Forbes it's believed that the plaintiffs' attorney may have chewed through his stockpile of "good cases" when settling some 1,400 individual cases in September.

Plus the little inconvenient fact that "New GM" inherited only limited liability from "Old GM". In essence you can sue "New GM" for some product claims, but you cannot hold "New GM" responsible for the management decisions of "Old GM"