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After venting ultimately you reach the resolution stage.For myself it boils down to The Service Manager and Zone rep deciding that by my partner bringing in information about TSB's on the Seville, the car was immediately considered a maintenence item because we challenged the diagnosis of the Zone and Service Manager.

We have had success with the two newspapers and Fox and NBC affiliates letting them handle the details of the P.R. around this matter.

For our part we have organized a lemon-aid auction with the funds going to "free" the STS. Now Cadillac claims they will reimburse for the repair but we will wait to see if that occurs.

When and if the reimbursement comes , then the funds from the auction will be earmarked to this and a number of other forums that help and inform consumers like ourselves.

Both Cadillac Dealers here in Nashville are not deserving the cadillac name and yes I am spoiled. I was raised in the city and state where Earle. A Anthony the Rector Family, the Coxes and the Putnams have represented General Motors going back to the 1920's.

I have never known that customers can and will be treated so shoddily.But again this is a state where lifestyles can be voted out of existence and everything is based on the most discriminating set of circumstances.
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