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And you thought $79,995 was crazy...GT500KR for sale on ebay for $154,991.00!!!

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Ok, this will be the LAST TIME I post another GT500KR thread...............for awhile:D

Posted May 4th 2008 3:02PM by Drew Phillips
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When Ford announced the GT500KR's based price of $79,995, many of you thought that it was pretty steep for a Mustang. Even though it's a limited edition Shelby with 540 horsepower, $80,000 can buy a lot of really nice cars. What's even more insane is that we know people will not only buy the KR, but they will pay tens of thousands of dollars over MSRP just to have one. The only question was how much dealers would try and gouge. That question has been answered. Lone Star Ford in Houston, TX has put up a red GT500KR on eBay Motors with a "Buy It Now" price of...$154,991.00. That's nearly double the MSRP. Who knows if anyone will actually buy it at that price, but going off what happened with the standard GT500, then it's quite possible. While we enjoyed our first drive in the GT500KR (check out Part 1 and Part 2), we can think of quite a few cars we'd rather have for $150,000.
[Source: eBay Motors]
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$155K for a Mustang? I think I'd rather have a house.

Speaking of which, I did pay less than that for my house.

In any event, if I'm dropping $150K+ for a car, it's not going to be a Mustang.
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