Chevrolet is getting a jump on things, teasing the brand spanking new 2020 Silverado HD well ahead of its 2019 debut.

Although we know little at this point-though Chevy promises "increased durability and validation standards, and the bolder, larger proportions"-the teaser does at least give us a hint as to what the front of the truck will look like in Z71 trim.

With an aggressive-looking, chrome-rimmed hood scoop, the Silverado's new headlights, and a new grille badge that follows the new truck trend of writing your name on the front rather than hinting at it pictorially with a badge.

When you zoom and enhance the image, though, it does look like the words are cut out of the cross-grille brand, perhaps in an effort to limit their impediment to airflow-something Chevy will do with its medium-duty trucks, using the Camaro's flowtie.

Those new trucks, along with the Silverado 1500 and the new HD mean that Chevrolet will be introducing three brand new trucks in the span of 18 months. The Silverado HD is also expected to be the final member of the Silverado family.

The current generation's 6.6-liter diesel V8 makes a healthy 910 lb-ft of torque, but that puts Chevy behind the competition. As a result, we're expecting torque figures to increase.