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An Idea for the Edge and Flex.

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I have an idea for the Flex and Edge. It is to make Sport Tracs from them. Remember Ford started the SUT market. They could with these two blow open this new one. people looking to trade down there Explorer Sport Tracs could go to these for the gas mileage.:yup:

What do you think?
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I agree, Ausrutherford & especially like your idea of doing Both!--
IF it can be done profitably, of course
maybe I could add on:
...maybe they could do a common backend/bed, to cut the engineering/increase economies of scale?
I doubt they could, the Flex is wider by about an inch. I did not like how the old F-150 and Super Duty had the same taillights.
I think the Sport track might be replaced by the new F100 and global ranger but not a bad idea
I hope they dont. I have always liked the Explorer Sport Trac. I am not part of one nor do I have an Ex Sport Trac, but it has clubs around the US. Ford really started something that they should not let die, like the Bronco!!=makes me mad!
If anyone can photoshop, please post them. The Flex would be easy, I mean its a box.
Who are you envisioning the target market to be for a SUT based on the flex or edge?
People that looking for better gas mileage from a Explorer Sport Trac or people that just want to downsize from the F-150. People trading in there Avalaches would be a target as well. I believe that the Edge could sell 35000 and the Flex 25000, adding that to there normal sales.
I've seen a lot of these chops (or so it seems) even Fusion-based trucklets
but can only find this BON thread with one Flex-truck
and this FomocoNews thread with one Taurus-X-truck
^ disclaimer: they're attachments, so membership required to see them
Could you copy and paste them on here. If you can thanks.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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