Dan Ammann, GM's president, is leaving ride hailing service Lyft's board of directors, to be replaced by Maggie Wilderotter, of Hewlett Packard.

Ammann joined Lyft's board in January of 2016 following a $500 million investment that was supposed to see the two companies work closely together on the future of mobility.

The deal was supposed to start with leasing GM cars to Lyft drfivers before moving on to building a network of autonomous cars. Signs of a bad start came quickly, though, when Lyft partnered Ford to develop self driving technology in 2017. It also paired with Waymo, Google's automated driving startup.

GM, not to be outdone, bought Cruise Automation in 2016, which makes drivers Bolt's in Michigan known as the Cruise AV.

Still, GM insists that the relationship is going well and this Ammann's stepping down from the board of directors is not a sign of investor's regret.

"We continue to be pleased with our investment in Lyft," said Dave Roman, a GM spokesperson, in a statement. "This board change has no impact on our investment."

[source: Bloomberg]