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American Suzuki Posts Best-Ever May Retail Sales

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American Suzuki Posts Best-Ever May Retail Sales
Achieving a 42 Percent Increase

BREA, Calif., June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- American Suzuki Motor Corporation continues to take significant steps toward reaching its sales growth goals by achieving 42 percent increase in May sales compared to the same month last year and a 25 percent increase in year-to-date sales, selling a total of 8,020 vehicles in May and 32,322 total vehicles this year. This is ASMC's best-ever May retail sales and its fifth best overall month ever.

"We are very pleased with the strides that ASMC continues to make this year, and the sales, product, marketing and customer service milestones we have reached since the launch of our 357 Plan," says Koichi Suzuki, president of American Suzuki's Automotive Operations. "We anticipate continued success with new product introductions, aggressive advertising and promotions, the increasing number of Suzuki Square dealerships in operation and those planned, and continued customer service and satisfaction programs."

Along with growing sales, American Suzuki has also experienced growth in its automotive dealer network, recently reaching a total of 500 dealers. Pushing forward, ASMC plans to add another hundred automotive dealers -- 600 total -- by the end of 2005.

The linchpin of ASMC's growth plan is the rapid introduction of value-packed new vehicles into its product line, a total of nine new vehicles will be launched by 2007. The first new vehicles appeared in U.S. showrooms late last year, the top-selling Suzuki Verona and Forenza combine Italian styling with the performance, power, passenger room and standard features usually associated with considerably higher-priced models. Closely following is the five-door compact Suzuki Reno and the newly debuted Forenza Wagon, both slated to go on sale in the fall.

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(Note table and Forenza and Verona sales top all other Suzuki models!)

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Dang it Ming, you beat me! I was just about to post this!
Originally posted by RCtennis3811@Jun 2 2004, 05:43 PM
Dang it Ming, you beat me!  I was just about to post this!
Hehe - I aim to please. ;)

Amazing again, though - look at those numbers in the link - its as if the non-Daewoo stuff isn't interesting to their customers at all. Well, except the XL-7, and that's probably only because it is the only somewhat large SUV that they offer.
Another reason to sell Daewoos as Suzukis(not as Chevrolets)
in Europe

Korean Revolution :plasma:
Good job to the "little" car company that could.
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