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American Axle Makes New Offer to UAW

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American Axle Makes New Offer to UAW

DETROIT - Striking United Auto Workers union members are considering a new contract offer from American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. as bargaining continued through the weekend aimed at ending a seven-week strike over company demands for deep pay cuts.

In a statement released later Sunday, American Axle said the UAW rejected its request that a federal mediator assist in the negotiations.

"AAM had hoped that the involvement of an impartial third party at the bargaining table could assist both sides. ... AAM was disappointed in the UAW's decision," the statement said.

full article here:,0,1930582.story
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could you just laydown and accept a 50 percent pay cut without a fight?
Nope, not me. If that were my situation, I'd consider working my tail off to significantly improve my skills, to make myself more marketable and in-demand.

That means short-term sacrifices. Night classes, weekend classes, maybe a trade school for those not interested in college. That means time away from friends, family, barbecues and bowling.

People can't rely on any company or union to be able to take care of themselves and their families. That's each person's responsibility.
By the way I didn't hear anything about managment getting their salaries cut in half.
Funny thing ... AAM's management isn't represented by any union, and AAM can cut management salaries anytime it feels like it. But it won't. Management's wages are largely market-driven, based on skill set.

If management salaries were cut in half, management would leave and go elsewhere, leaving AAM without financial/treasury staff, without IT and its automated supply chain systems, without the staff that ensures regulatory and export compliance, etc. Can't replace those positions with $14 an hour people.
Where's the logic in that statement? I work for an aeronautics company and I can't afford the jets that I'm working on.
Now THAT's funny. Thanks, I needed that.

Good thing you don't make skyscrapers.
1 - 3 of 58 Posts
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