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And what pray tell would be "the right moves"? We've increased oil production under Biden, ever so slightly, so I'm not sure that "anti-oil" argument holds.....uh, water. We aren't the only country suffering from lower OPEC production, but around 60% of our oil imports come from Canada so begging OPEC for anything is just scraps. The only thing begging OPEC could accomplish is to increase production to lower per barrel costs which affects the whole world. We only get about 11% of our oil from OPEC.

Yeah, there's some "cart before the horse" going on, but car companies are wanting to go EV, too, as it saves them money in parts/labor/manufacturing, no emissions rules to worry about, and fewer warranty issues/claims.
OPEC is not to blame here. As of this writing, the world average price of crude oil is about $118/barrel. In June 2008 as we were going into the Global Financial Crisis, crude oil peaked at $187/barrel. In April 2011, crude oil peaked at $148/barrel. Crude oil prices have rapidly come off their COVID-induced lows, but they are nowhere near peak highs.

That said, paying the prices that we pay at the pump are not pleasant. The reasons given are that several refineries are offline due to breakdowns, outdated technology, or failure to restart as COVID shutdowns were canceled.

Whatever the cause of the price hikes and however bad these price hikes are, they are disruptive of our economy and our daily lives. In my lifetime, we have suffered shortages beginning in 1973 with repetitions at inopportune times thereafter. Most of our recessions have been associated with crude oil price hikes and gasoline shortages. One of the signs of insanity is that you keep doing the same thing while hoping for a different result.

The nominal reason for the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 was in retaliation for the West's support of Israel in the Yom Kippur War. Vladimir Putin threatens Western Europe's gas and oil supplies because on NATO support for Ukraine. Fossil fuels gives our adversaries weapons that they can use to threaten us. And then, we whine about it.
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