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Germany has plans to shut down the last of their nuclear power plants by the end of this year, to be replaced with .... I think they forgot that part. They would HOPE to replace them with some form of "green" energy production, although they won't have any where near the needed green production by then. There's always gas and oil from Russia! Oh, wait....

Whatever happened to that German reputation for logic?
They traded any of what remains for Feelgood Vibes. Their military is in disarray and probably wouldn't put up as much a fight as the Ukes, now they won't have no lektrik juice. And they're not Neanderthals, so they can't just vanish into the forests and live off the fat of the land.

Global issue years in the making. Russia made it much worse. Biden won't make the right moves because his base is anti-oil so he will beg the criminals in Saudi for more oil instead.

Germans like most western nations have been taken over by ESG minded people who think oil is dead and we should all be in EVs powered by the wind.

It all defies logic, common sense and most importantly, numbers. Numbers don't lie, peek oil demand won't hit for 15 years!
Those types specialize in infiltrating and eventually taking over organizations. They're very good at what they do. It's just that every nation they run is a disaster area, at least for the stinky smelly rotten peasants.
Meanwhile Xoe has stated many times he wants the petrol industry to be put out of business. No one with half a brain could advocate for that.
I'm still waiting for Lektrik Air Force Won to get rolled out. And though I come from a long-lived line, I don't think I'll be around when that happens.
1a. Because that won't happen, until some laws of physics are set aside.
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