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Who knew something as simple as hooking an AUX/iPod cable into a car stereo could be such a PITA? Took a novice like me 45 mins....:lmao:

I'm sitting in my driveway debating whether or not to go get some gas, when curiosity catches the better of me and I pry my Clarion POS deck out to see what kind of hookup options (for my iPod) are back there....

All that were back there were 3 sets of RCA jacks (the lil Red/White composite ones) I grabbed an old Apple TV/Video cable (the $20 one that no longer works with the 'new' iPods) and strung that back behind my dash and down around my glovebox. That was actually the easy part......;)

The hard part came in trying to figure out which set of jacks worked.....the first few times I either had sound coming out of the passenger side (front & back speakers), rear deck or just the front doors--from both my iPod and the radio.

Finally though, after alot of pushing, pulling, nudging and a lil bit of swearing, I got everything hooked up a-ok......going to jam out on my way into work tonight :D
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