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i have been looking into several options for a alternator bracket kit and pulley kit for my camaro im building.

it is an 83 camaro z28, 350 bored .040 over. i have a electric water pump- CSR billet pump. i have recently purchased a manual steering box from a S 10 so there will be no power steering on the vehicle. just a crank pulley and a alternator.

heres the problem. the alternator needs to be relocated to the bottom of the engine because of the electric water pump.

so i need to purchase a pulley kit and a bracket kit. something cheap, and is practical, but also looks good. i dont want to slap on a 10 dollar bracket from autozone and call it good. i want something billet, and cheap. i know its hard to find, but certainly do-able.

ive checked into march, but they want like 500 dollars for a pulley and bracket kit.
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