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Well: here they are! First I want to say a few things...

I was NOT asked to do this by GMI, I took it upon myself. So it is NOT anything to do with GMI! I wanted to chop some new GM cars to what I would have liked to see. Please keep comments half-way nice, after chopping that many vehicles, you get a little tense :lol: So enjoy!


This is a 2005 Vibe with a larger grille...

An Equinox-based Pontiac Torrent.

My version of the SV6. I think the Vibe and the SV6 should be on the same design.

This one is obviously based off of the SRX, but I really like it! And it would be a great Aztek replacement!

A Optra-based Pontiac. I added the port grille and darkened the headlamps and I changed the lower body work. (Look For A Two-Door Soon)

A two-door Grand Prix GXP

A freshened GP. It has an all-new grille and I lightened the headlamps


A new Sierra. This is probably going to be a very love it or hate it design. I went for more toughness.

A freshened Envoy. I did this slight change with the Terrain concept vehicle in mind..

OKay, I personally HATE this, but it was a request.. ;)


Better Terazza.

I just did this to see what it would look like without the Aztek-like lights.

New LaCrosse. I made the headlamps bigger, the grille bigger and the whole car is lowered.


New Aveo. Basically changed lights and grille.

New Uplander. I changed the grille and made the lights smaller and angled them different.

Freshened Trailblazer. I just stuck the more-squared SS front on it.

New Malibu.

New Cobalt. This is one of my favorites!


Cadillac XTS

Requested. Cadillac SRV

Sorry if I didn't achive your request! But I tried my hardest!

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Originally posted by bigals87z28@Feb 8 2004, 11:28 PM

Will there be a 2nd edition?
I would like to do a second edition... The second edition might be a version 2 of all of theses cars. Like I will take the suggestions that you posted and others and will change the current ones....

All in all the projet was fun to do... :p
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