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Well: here they are! First I want to say a few things...

I was NOT asked to do this by GMI, I took it upon myself. So it is NOT anything to do with GMI! I wanted to chop some new GM cars to what I would have liked to see. Please keep comments half-way nice, after chopping that many vehicles, you get a little tense :lol: So enjoy!


This is a 2005 Vibe with a larger grille...

An Equinox-based Pontiac Torrent.

My version of the SV6. I think the Vibe and the SV6 should be on the same design.

This one is obviously based off of the SRX, but I really like it! And it would be a great Aztek replacement!

A Optra-based Pontiac. I added the port grille and darkened the headlamps and I changed the lower body work. (Look For A Two-Door Soon)

A two-door Grand Prix GXP

A freshened GP. It has an all-new grille and I lightened the headlamps


A new Sierra. This is probably going to be a very love it or hate it design. I went for more toughness.

A freshened Envoy. I did this slight change with the Terrain concept vehicle in mind..

OKay, I personally HATE this, but it was a request.. ;)


Better Terazza.

I just did this to see what it would look like without the Aztek-like lights.

New LaCrosse. I made the headlamps bigger, the grille bigger and the whole car is lowered.


New Aveo. Basically changed lights and grille.

New Uplander. I changed the grille and made the lights smaller and angled them different.

Freshened Trailblazer. I just stuck the more-squared SS front on it.

New Malibu.

New Cobalt. This is one of my favorites!


Cadillac XTS

Requested. Cadillac SRV

Sorry if I didn't achive your request! But I tried my hardest!

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I can't see anything

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Originally posted by Ming@Feb 8 2004, 10:55 PM
The Cadillac XTS is sweet - and I love the Optra based Pontiac and GMC Cargo Sport Van! :p :lol:

The Vibe-looking SV6 is just a little too....cute.

I think you might have red X's because you can't host that many pics to that many ppl, perhaps its a timout or delay issue ?? I managed to see all of them but only after refreshing each pic several times :) Good job though.

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wow, I think if I took a pic of a piece of crap, and spray painted them different colors it would look better then this...

BWAHAHAHAH just kidding Nasp, looking good.
Pontiac-over all, way to many SUV's. This is the sporty company, not sporty utility company! hehehe i guess you just did what was asked.
Vibe, very good looking.
Torrend, too boxy up front. Looks like that MB G wagon.
The SV6 is awesome. Good job
The SRX astek is a bit much. I think it goes along what I said about the SUV's.
The Optra looks like a Mitzu Galant or Diamante. If looks very boring for a pontiac.
2dr GP- FUGGIN AWESOME! Take out that 3rd window. I would like to see this as the GTO. A lot more edge to it.
4dr GP, good looking. Very suttle differences, but I like the new GP a lot, this made it look better

GMC- not bad, but x-nay on the minivan-ay
Sierra- Nice, but extend the grill flush with the top of the lights. Give the front end that BIG look.
Envoy- not bad, i like the grill. It looks a lot smoother and nicer then the one now.
Mini Van- never.

Buick- very nice over all,
Terraza- the front end looks better, and makes it so that you cant tell that all the vans are the same.
Rondevoz(sp?) looks good, but its an odd car to make look good. The rear end still looks like its bloated, but thats GM's fault.
LaCrosse- All I gotta say is I hope that they make a lower spring kit for this car. Much sportier look when its lower. Larger headslights and grill also look 100x better then the acutal car. Very good, very good job!

Aveo- still a very butt ugly car. It looks like it was squashed. They need to make the front end bigger looking. There is very little you can do with this car.
Uplander- not bad. I think chevy should have gotten more of a smoother headlight, and shared it with buick.
Tblazer- its not bad. Still looks the same.
Malibu- it looks like the hedlights are like frogs eyes!! They need to come down a bit.
Cobalt- not bad, but I dont see much change from original. Id like for GM to spice up the exterior color with something like polished metal or something.

Caddy- nice!
XTS- very nice. Is this the super luxury car? The rear gives it a coupe look.
SRV- read GMC

all in all, like I said very good. I hope I wasnt too hard on ya.
Will there be a 2nd edition?

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Originally posted by bigals87z28@Feb 8 2004, 11:28 PM

Will there be a 2nd edition?
I would like to do a second edition... The second edition might be a version 2 of all of theses cars. Like I will take the suggestions that you posted and others and will change the current ones....

All in all the projet was fun to do... :p

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i gotta say theres some fugly vehicles there and some nice ones......i like the Aztek replacement but i think Pontiac should make the minivans look different you see Ford do it with the Mercury van just a little different on the rear lights but with GM vans its all front end but i like the Montana out of all the new minivans...keep GMC off your design table GMC is fine the way it is but it could do a better job on the denalis no doubt...Buick van looks good hate the real minivan..Cadillac coupe SWWEEEETTTT!!! the GP GXP coupe is nice on the 2nd time around but stay off the GP's front end it looks good i dont think it needs any work done to it but i think pontiac should do what its gonna do to the G6 coupe different lights for the rear...the Optra-based Pontiac is a no no its a newer version of the LeMans and i dont think they wanna remember those days although they werent bad lookin' just had bad salesmen....the rest is just a no no man sorry to bust your bubble...but dont take it to heart im just giving my honest opinion

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I really like the XTS!
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